Larry Shaw


            Mr. Shaw is a very open, funny, Beatles loving, down to Earth man. He is very easy to talk to, and is very successful in his career. He was born in the year, 1959 in Salt Lake City , Utah. He was born into a Mormon family, so he was brought up with many Mormon ideals. He moved around quite a bit as a child. He moved from Salt Lake City , to Houston , to Louisiana . Later on in his life, he went to the Universtity of Utah. He came to Los Angeles in 1982, and has been living here ever since. He is a television director, and could not be happier.

            Mr. Shaw experienced quite a lot of interesting aspects of American history, as a young child. He grew up in mainly Baton Rouge , Louisiana and had a big Baptist influence put upon him. He was able to experience Mardi Gras, as well as unfortunately, experience many race relation issues. He remembers the assassination of Bobby Kennedy quiet clearly. The reason bein, his mom telling him at that time, “they've done it again.” This took place, after the assisination of Martin Luther King Jr. He experienced social evolution, which messed up the world ever since. Once Bobby Kennedy was assassinated, other notorious started to occurr in the world as well. Some being, the Watergate Scandal, the Vietnam War, the My Lai Massacre, and even Bill Clinton having intercourse in the Oval Office.

            From interviewing Mr. Shaw, we found out about the television shows playing at that time. An example of a a few shows which influenced Mr. Shaw to get into television were: Leave it to Beaver and Gunsmoke. Overall, Mr. Shaw has had some great experiences in his life time, specifically with music, movies, and politics. He went through America , at a time, when people were rebelling from unfair rules and an unfair government. Check out our interview itself, and the transcription, for more details about his experiences in the sixties and seventies.


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