The Vietnam War An Untold Story

The Impact of the Vietnam War


The Vietnam War was an attempt to stop Communism from spreading throughout the world. The war began with the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and the National Front of the Liberation of Vietnam to unite together and to accept Communism as their ultimate government. On the opposite side, there was the Republic of Vietnam that was backed by the United States. The Vietnam War began in 1959 when Vietnam had been divided into two parts; the Communist Government ruled by Ho Chi Minh and the Democratic Government ruled by Ngo Dinh Diem. As the war progressed Ho launched a guerilla campaign in South Vietnam which had a goal of uniting the entire country under one Communist Government. When the United Sates realized what was happening, they immediately went forward in seeking to stop the spread of Communism and also provide Military A.I.D.

Viet Cong Soldier

Home Front

The Americans at home saw the horrors of the war on televisions and became strongly against it because they believed in peace and harmony. However, at the beginning of the war, the American Government made the people at home believe that they were fighting the war for very good reasons; the biggest being that they were trying to stop Communism from spreading. They also made the soldiers believe that they were fighting to protect their country which was later found to be a flawed.

The troops were fighting overseas had no idea what was happing at home. The troops didn't know about the peace protests and the mixed reactions that many civilians had. While the soldiers were killing and being killed, their families were trying to bring them home with protests and peace conferences. It took the United States Government 10 years to realize that they were not going to win the war, meanwhile hundreds and thousands of people died for no reason at all. It was only in the 1980s, that the U.S. accepted that they lost. However, they said that they lost only in the grounds of peace and harmony because they were ashamed of admitting their lose.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dwight D. Eisenhower was the commander in chief when the war first began. He was strongly against joining the war in the beginning. He was quoted to saying “I cannot conceive of a greater tragedy for America than to get heavily involved now in an all-out war in any of those regions.” However, as time passed his administration and himself changed their view and sent military A.I.D to the French troops fighting against Communism. When the French surrendered to the Viet Minh, Eisenhower's administration sent A.I.D. to the anti-communist leader; Nego Dinh Diem. When Eisenhower was elected for a second term, he remained committed to Diem's regime.

Coming Back

Many Americans speculate that if Robert F. Kennedy hadn't been assassinated he would have stopped the war in 1969. However when he was assassinated the Americans who wished the war to be over lost all their hope. Lyndon B. Johnson continued the war effort and passed it on to Nixon who later resigned from office because of the Watergates scandals. However, by the time Lyndon was elected, he already knew that they had no intention of winning the war because it would require them to invade North Vietnam. Meanwhile, Russia and China had stated that if any of their supply ships were bombed, they would declare a state war against the United States. At this time, Lyndon knew that if he could not win against the half of Vietnam, then he could for shore not win against China and Russia.

Some Americans till this day do not accept that they lost the war to the Viet Cong. However they did admit that the Viet Cong were much more skilled fighters and new the area. A soldier was quoted to saying “If they weren't VC before we got there, they sure as hell were by the time we left.” Going into the war, the American troops didn't realize how advanced the Viet Cong troops were. Even though Americans had much more technology, the Communists had power and knowledge.

Vietnam War Memorial


Overall the Vietnam War was a war that could have been prevented. The Vietnam War killed over 2.5 million people and disabled millions more. Bombs and Agent Orange caused Vietnam's forests to burn down. Meanwhile, it divided the United States into two parts. The Americans who wanted to stop Communism from spreading by going to war and killing more innocent people, and the Americans who believed that no more innocent lives should be taken and the countries that were involved in the war should step back.

Protesters of the Vietnam War

When the United States came out of the Vietnam War in 1975, they had spent over $584 billion dollars on A.I.D. and Military equipment, however many Americans were happy that their children, parents, and friends would be coming home to a safe environment. Overall, the Vietnam War had a huge impact on the United States and forever changed the way Americans viewed their country. They weren't used to their country being defeated because in all the previous wars, the United States always came out on top.

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