The Vietnam War An Untold Story

Timeline of the Vietnam War

1946: War began between the French and the Vietminh

1949: Communist China allowed the Vietminh to train in China and to stay away from French attacks

1950: Harry S. Truman refused to recognize the Democratic Republic of Vietnam Communist China

1954: The Battle of Dien Bien Phu took place and Vo Nguyen Giap defeated the French forces. The French withdrew her military from Vietnam. Meanwhile the United States promised A.I.D. worth $100 million to the anti-Communists

The Victory of the Battle of Dien Bien Phu

1955: Ngo Dinh Diem became President of South Vietnam   in October.  The United States agreed to help his army

1956: Diem arrested citizens suspected of being in the Vietminh

1957: Vietminh began a campaign of Guerrilla Warfare in South Vietnam

1959: Military advisors from America killed in Vietnam and the Ho Chi Minh Trail was first used

1960: National Liberation Front (NLF) was formed in Hanoi

1961: President Kennedy sent extra A.I.D. to South Vietnam

1962: U.S. military advisors increased from 700 to 12,000

1963: President Diem killed in a military coup. Meanwhile 15,000 American military advisors were in South Vietnam

Diem dead on November 2, 1963

1964: American bomb targeted in North Vietnam

1965: Operation Rolling Thunder began while the first American combat troops were being sent   to Vietnam. Number of American troops increased to 200,000

1966: 400,000 American troops were in Vietnam

1967: 490,000 American troops in Vietnam; Nguyen Van Thieu became President of South Vietnam

1968:  Tet Offensive began while there were 540,000 American troops in Vietnam. Meanwhile the anti-Vietnam War riots began in Chicago

Captain Franklin P. Eller during Tet Offensive

1969: Richard Nixon ordered the bombing of Cambodia and announced the start of withdrawals of US troops. Meanwhile Ho Chi Minh died and the number of American troops decreased to 480,000

1971: 140,000 American troops in Vietnam

1972: “Peace and Harmony”

1973: Ceasefire signed in Paris while the last American troops were coming home

1975: Khmer Rouge took control of Cambodia

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