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Oral history is the systematic collection of living people's testimony about their own experiences. Oral historians attempt to verify their findings, analyze them, and place them in an accurate historical context. Oral historians are also concerned with storage of their findings for use by later scholars. Collecting oral history allows budding historians to practice the work of historians, and to hold onto valuable testimony from the receding tide of the past. Students will come to recognize that a historian must balance information gathered through any single oral history interview with information gathered through background research, and information provided in other interviews on the same topic, in order to construct a valid account of the past.

Our task was to identify a family member, friend or community member who's life experiences touch upon significant events in 20th century American history. Working in groups of 2-3, we were to conduct an oral history interview of our chosen interview subject. Then we were to analyze the interviews and construct historical narratives integrating background research with our oral history findings. Finally, creating a digital presentation of your oral history.