It is with great pride that we share the accomplishments of our school's robotics team this past weekend. Team 4 ELEMENT set a new precedent at the 2016 Ventura Regional Competition. It is almost unheard of that a team takes home multiple awards, but we received the Pit Safety Award, Hard Hat Safety Award, Industrial Safety Award, and the Creativity Award. We completely swept the safety award section, validating our commitment to cleanliness and dedication to ensuring our hardworking team members are safe at all times.

Overall, Team 4 placed 5th in the competition alongside teams 696 and 3863. We finished with the highest outer works score, an individual component of the competition, at a record high of 645 points!

More than anything else, Team 4 ELEMENT left an overwhelmingly positive impact and impression on the community after Ventura. Judges consistently returned to the Team 4 pit because they were so impressed by all aspects of our team. Other teams identified us as a leading team, not only because of our competitive robot, but also because of our incredible team members and the wealth of knowledge we had to share. We fielded questions about robotics design, fundraising, prototyping, sponsorship, organization, and more. Teams from all over the world looked to us for answers. More than once, people commented on how popular the Team 4 pit was because everyone flocked to it. The region coordinators even assigned the President of FIRST to Team 4 tour guides because they trusted us the most with such a prestigious guest. At the Ventura regional, we set the example. 

2016 is a year for the Team 4 history books. We are soaring to new heights. Team 4 is proud to be a part of HTLA, and we hope that with this new precedent and respect cultivated at the Ventura Regional, HTLA is equally as proud to have us.

Be on the lookout for photos/videos on as well as our instagram

I am attaching a few pictures for your viewing pleasure along with the scripts that were read by the MC to the audience right before we received our awards!