Updated Eligibility Policy

October 8, 2015


Dear HTLA Students and Parents:


Please note the following update to our Student Handbook, which replaces the section on Eligibility found on page 3.  Eligibility is determined four times a year ā€“ at the 10 week report card and the final report card of each semester.





In order to be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities such as Robotics, Students Run LA, or other after school clubs, a student must have earned a minimum of a 2.0 GPA, with no more than one grade below a ā€œCā€, on the last midterm or final report card.  If a student has earned less than a 2.0 or has a 2.0 with a D or Fail in more than one class for that marking period, s/he will be ineligible to participate in extra curricular activities until the next midterm or final report card.  Eligibility is determined at the midterm and final marking periods only. For determining eligibility, the GPA is cumulative for that semester only and is not reflective of a student's cumulative GPA. All 9th grade students are eligible for the first half of the first semester.


Marsha Rybin
Principal, HighTech LA