Spring 2012 TPOL Schedule

The TPOL schedule for spring 2012 is now available on the POL page.

Lottery Results

Letters informing families of their acceptance or wait list status will be mailed Wednesday, February 29, 2012. Acceptance and Wait List are attached.

Congratulations to HTLA's Honors and High Honors Students!

HTLA had an Awards Assembly during the September 15 Community Meeting. Along with Departmental Awards, Students with Honors and High Honors were recognized.

Laptop Contracts

Please fill out the "Laptop Agreement" is you are checking out a HTLA computer. Fill out a "Personal Laptop Agreement" if you are going to use Your own laptop. Please read the contract for Personal Laptops very carefully! Your computer will be wiped and HTLA will be the administrator until the end of school in June.

2011 - 2012 Registration Packet

Registration Packets will be given to students the first day of school (during Boot Camp for 9th graders.) If any of the contents are misplaced, the packet is included here.