Update: Thursday, 3/12

Hello HTLA Parents,

First, thank you all for your patience and trust in this very confusing, chaotic, and stressful time in our history.  Our first priority is the safety of our students.  That is foremost in my mind with all decisions.

Please know that we are in conversations with many groups about what is coming up next.  We are being asked to plan and be flexible for whatever the final decisions are.  So, we must ask you to continue your patient trust in us.

Here is some new information that is important to you:

1.       Please plan for school closure.  Other districts in California and other entire states have closed schools.  I have no detailed information to pass on, but it is my absolute expectation that HTLA will close in the near future.  I will update you immediately when I have more exact information.

2.       We are thinking about many options for distance learning, special education and lunch service.  More information will follow.

3.       Again, we have no connection to any positive diagnosis of COVID-19 to anyone connected to HTLA.

Again, we don’t have all the answers, no one does.  This is a new, unprecedented situation.  Many of this is being decided as I write this.  Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or would just like some personal information. 

Please stay safe.  More to follow as soon as I have more new information.

All my best to your entire families during this difficult time.


-Mathew McClenahan

Principal, HTLA