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About HTLA

High Tech Los Angeles (High Tech LA) is a charter high school where students are prepared to enter a college of their choice and become “knowledge leaders” in the 21st century digital world. 

High Tech LA is located on the Lake Balboa Educational Complex in Van Nuys, CA and is a self-contained, state-of-the-art facility.  High Tech LA opened in September 2004 with fewer than 200 students in grades 9, 10, and 11 and grew a grade to 9-12 the next year with enrollment expanding until it reached current population of just under 400 students in 2017. 

High Tech LA is designed to stimulate curiosity, inquiry and a constant desire to push beyond limits, through a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum and intensive technology training.  With the goal of preparing students for high-skilled, high-wage careers, this demanding college preparatory curriculum is brought to life by students’ using the latest technology to develop innovative hands-on projects.

High Tech LA is a small high school which provides a standards-based, college preparatory education that places an emphasis on using technology and hands-on interdisciplinary projects in addition to more traditional pedagogy.  High Tech LA students do not simply learn facts and figures, but are engaged in discovering new knowledge on their own with the tools afforded to them in today’s information age. In addition to a college preparatory curriculum in which each student meets the A-G University of California requirements, High Tech LA integrates technology into all courses. As a graduation requirement, each senior is placed in an off-campus internship.  All students participate in twice yearly “Presentations of Learning” in which they present their best work to a panel for defense and review. 

High Tech LA is a school where students are engaged and stimulated by a project-based, rigorous curriculum that allows them to learn by doing.