Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement
High Tech LA will provide a California State Standards-based college preparatory education for all students, but especially for “low income” students to meet the A – G requirements for admission to a University of California or California State University, and to develop “knowledge leaders in the 21st century digital world.” HTLA emphasizes the development of an educated person in the 21st century who can take knowledge and apply it to solving problems.

Mission Statement
High Tech LA is a diverse community of active learners dedicated to fusing traditional academic subjects with real world, technical applications and problem solving skills. High Tech LA has two major goals: 1) to successfully integrate technical and academic education in a school that prepares students for post-secondary education and careers, and 2) to increase the number of underrepresented students in math and engineering who succeed in high school and post-secondary education and become productive leaders.
Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLOs)

High Tech LA remains dedicated to the Learning Goals which represent what High Tech LA students should be, know and be able to do upon graduation. High Tech LA’s Learning Goals are as follows:

In addition to working as self-directed learners, students draw upon their collective thinking and experience. When students work in teams on projects, their collaboration is an explicit focus for assessment.

Students use technologies to problem solve and to enhance their project work in the context of conducting research, writing, completing complex mathematical calculations, organizing and managing projects and schedules, or being creative with digital graphics, photography, web design or video.

Excellent communication skills, both oral and written, are essential to success in post-secondary education and in the workplace. Student communication skills are assessed in rigorous reviews by faculty, peers, and members of the community. The Faculty emphasize student writing across all curricular content areas as a focus for program development and assessment.

Community Ethics and Responsibility.
High Tech LA students are being prepared to be positive and productive forces in their families and communities, embracing traits of alert citizenship and an appreciation for diversity. Faculty guide students toward a global vision of ethics and social responsibility through the exploration of science, humanities, the arts, the advisory process, and interactions with the communities in which they will live, study and work.