HighTech LA wins big in History Day Los Angeles 2020

We have great news from HTLA's History Department!  Congratulations to all our students and huge applause to Ms. Doshi and Ms. Kirschbaum for all their hard work and their perseverance in helping our students get the recognition they have earned.

Many of our students were recently recognized for their incredible scholarship at the virtual 2020 History Day LA competition.  HTLA students won awards in 5 categories.  County champions will advance to the virtual National History Day-California competition, to be held in May.  We are so proud of our students' perseverance and commitment in these difficult times. Well done HTLA Historians!



Group Performance

  • COUNTY CHAMPIONS:  Ashley G, Or Thalia S, Cireny H, "Fashionably Free: Breaking Barriers for Women's Rights in 20th Century America"

Individual Exhibit

  • COUNTY CHAMPION:  Simon B, "David Bowie and the Beatles: Two Musicians that Broke Cultural and Social Barriers during the 20th Century American Rock Movement"

Group Exhibit

  • COUNTY CHAMPION: Raul H, Nathaly M, "A Life-Long Campaign to Break Legal Barriers: How Mary Prince's Words Helped to Abolish Slavery in Bermuda"
  • COUNTY CHAMPION: Zach R, Ryan K, Drake M, Aaron A, "Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire: Barriers Built and Broken in the Congo"
  • COUNTY CHAMPION: Macallan F, Olivia R, "Kon'nichiwa Culture, Sayonara Separation: Breaking Down Japanese American Barriers to Create the Arts and Crafts Movement"
  • COUNTY CHAMPION: Keira C, Jessica L, Nicole R, Francesca C, "Blowing off Steam: How the Steam Engine Broke the Transportation Barriers of the 1800s"
  • ALTERNATE: Carlos G, Annika E, Melissa M, Justin D, "Education Today or Drop Out Tomorrow": 1968 Chicano Blowouts Break Barriers"

Group Website:

  • COUNTY CHAMPION: Jeremy C, David C, Greg R, "The Atomic Bombings of Japan: Broken and Established Barriers" 
  • COUNTY CHAMPION: Mya G, Daniel R, Greg K, "The Tuskegee Syphilis Study: Breaking Barriers with Human Exploitation"
  • ALTERNATE: Ryan P, Izeyah H, Piya T, "Fighting Against Civil Rights Barriers: The Golden Age of Gospel"

Group Documentary

  • COUNTY CHAMPION: Ksenia P, Meri S, Emily A, Susanna D, Elika K, "Florence Kelley: The 'Guardian Angel' Behind Labor Reform Barriers in the Progressive Era"
  • COUNTY CHAMPION: Andre L, Andy H, Andrew R, Liam I, "In the Eye of Our Law... A Caste is Born: The Plessy vs. Ferguson Story"
  • COUNTY CHAMPION: Alex B, Mesrop M, Minas M, Jonathan G, "The Auburn-Haired Amazon: Carmelita Torres's Stand Against the Looming Barriers of Racial Injustice at the US-Mexico Border"
  • ALTERNATE: Kyle K, Sara L, Erick A, Isabella V, "The Leaks that Changed How We Eat: Breaking Barriers in America's 20th Century Food Industry"

‚ÄčAbout National History Day:  National History Day (NHD) is an educational program that encourages students to conduct original historical research. Students choose topics of their choice, often outside the traditional history curriculum, and do research using libraries, archives, museums, and oral history interviews. After creating projects in different categories, students enter contests at the local, state and national level