A message from HTLA Anti-Racism Group

Dear HighTech Los Angeles Students,

This summer has been transformative and eye-opening to many of us. We are simultaneously trying to create a new normal by working around the Coronavirus pandemic, but we are also trying to break away from passively living with racism in our homes, school, and broader community. While we urge that everyone wear masks to protect themselves from COVID-19, we, the HTLA Anti-Racism group, also ask that you no longer ignore blatant racism, homophobia, and other forms of hate against the minorities of our school.

About two weeks ago, an incident occurred in which a social media post involving racist language resurfaced. We would like to thank all of the students who emailed HTLA staff with their anger and disgust at this post. Staff have taken steps to remove this post, and while we will not speak directly on the school’s behalf, the HTLA Anti-Racism group would like to state that our intention is to create a safer and welcoming community for students of any color, origin, sexuality, and gender.

The HTLA Anti-Racism group is inviting all students to join the movement towards ending discrimination on campus. We encourage anyone, whether you have experienced racism firsthand or support those who have, to join our group. Please send an email to Ms. Doshi if you would like to join us.

United, we can show our solidarity with anti-racist movements that support Black, Indigenous, and people of color’s lives, and show support to all of the races that make up our diverse campus. 

The HTLA Anti-Racism Group