No casual, Friday 5/13

The school uniform requirement is in effect from the time a student enters the HTLA campus in the morning until she/he leaves in the afternoon, regardless of the time. Students may change into “X-Block clothes” for the X-Block period but are required to change back into their school uniform after X-Block. The uniform applies to field trips, site visits, academic internships, and other school related activities.

HTLA Uniform:

  • Long khaki color or black pants/slacks (any brand)
  • Khaki color or black skirt or shorts that are mid-thigh or longer length
  • Closed toe shoes (i.e., no flip flops or open-toed sandals)
  • Long or short sleeve solid navy blue, light blue, white, or black collared polo shirts. The polo shirt may have a small logo (e.g. alligator) but no other writing.
  • Students may wear a solid color white, navy blue, light blue, brown, or black knit sweater or jacket without a hood.
  • Students may wear HTLA hoodies. No other hoodies will be allowed.
  • Hats and/or bandanas are not allowed to be worn inside the school

The Charter School offers for purchase HTLA polo shirts and hooded sweatshirts for students who wish to purchase them. HTLA polo shirts and/or hoodies are not required and are completely optional for purchase.

If families are unable to afford new HTLA uniforms, HTLA offers a Community Closet that has gently worn uniforms that have been donated by HTLA families and are available to students free of charge. If you would like to receive uniforms from the Community Closet, please see the Main Office.