No Casual Friday, 8/18

The school uniform requirement is in effect from the time a student enters the HTLA campus in the morning until she/he leaves in the afternoon, regardless of the time. Students may change into “X-Block clothes” for the X-Block period but are required to change back into their school uniform after X-Block. The uniform applies to field trips, site visits, academic internships, and other school related activities.

HTLA Uniform:

  • Clothing must cover areas from shoulder to shoulder, neck to mid-thigh.
  • Long khaki color or black slacks (any brand) - NO jeans, denim material pants, sweats, skinny jeans, or leggings.
  • Khaki color or black skirt or shorts that are mid-thigh or longer length
  • Long or short sleeve solid navy blue, light blue, white, or black collared polo shirts. The polo shirt may have a small logo (e.g. alligator) but no other writing.
  • Students may wear a solid color white, navy blue, light blue, brown, or black knit sweater or jacket without a hood.
  • Students may wear HTLA hoodies. No other hoodies will be allowed.
  • Closed toe shoes (i.e., no flip flops or open-toed sandals)
  • Hats and/or bandanas are not allowed to be worn inside the school. Headgear worn for purposes of religious observance shall be permitted.
  • Clothes are to be free of rips and tears.