Yes to Casual Friday, 9/7!

At the discretion of the administration, “Casual Dress” (during which the HTLA uniform will be relaxed) may be given. There is no presumption of “Casual Friday” or relaxation of the dress code on any other day unless the students are notified by the administration by email and/or website.


Casual Friday is generally, but not solely dependent on whether or not the school campus is clean all week and students have been in compliance with the school uniform all week. Students will be notified of “Casual Friday” via the HTLA website and/or via email.


The following items are prohibited during Casual Friday (or at any other time on campus):

  • Text on clothing that promotes violence, alcohol, tobacco, or drugs or has explicit sexual references or profanity
  • Exposed mid-sections
  • Hats, hoods, or bandannas inside the building, except for religious headwear.
  • Open-toed shoes (including flip-flops or sandals)
  • Any clothing that in the determination of the teachers or administration cause a distraction to the education of others.